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Agriscience Syllabus


Course Description: Introductory course into agriculture classes.




The following topics/units will be covered:


·         History of agriculture 

·         Environmental science 

·         Cell biology 

·         Genetics and heredity 

·         Anatomy and physiology 

·         Animal digestion 

·         Plant and soil science 

·         Plant and animal reproduction 

·         Principles of power and energy 

·         Fundamentals of electricity 

·         Fundamentals of engines





Wildlife and Natural Resource Management Syllabus

Course Description: Exploration of importance and conservation techniques of wildlife and natural resources.


The following topics/units will be covered:

·         Careers

·         Managing water resources

·         Managing mineral resources

·         Managing land resources

·         Wildlife

·         Fisheries




Grading and Attendance Policy:


·         Exams and projects count and major test grades


·         Lowest homework and quiz grade will be dropped each 9 weeks.


·         You will keep a notebook for this class. All notes, homework, quizzes, exams, and projects will be kept in the notebook. After each exam, you will turn in the notebook for a grade.


·         Late work, incomplete sentences, and papers with no names will be deducted 10 points.


·         If you are absent, it is your responsibility to talk to me about missed work. If you do not makeup missed work, your grade will automatically become a ‘0’.