Scholarships on this page are listed in the order they have been received in the Counseling Office . These are primarily local scholarships, and you can find additional opportunities at the links below:, Scholarship FinderFastweb


**Dates will vary from year to year**


American Business Women’s Association/Marguerite Brumley Chapter

Female seniors with C+ average based on resume, transcript (Greene County)


American Cancer Society – March (Contact American Cancer Society for Details)

To be eligible, a student must have had a diagnosis of cancer before the age of 21


AXA Achievement Scholarship – December 15

 Students who have demonstrated a drive to succeed


Blaine Banther Vocational/CTE Program Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors must have 2 years of classes at GTC or CSI Program in subject towards vocation



Burger King Scholars – December 15

 Each school nominates one senior with 2.5 or above GPA, works on average of 15 hours/week, community service, and financial need - $1,000


 Captain D’s Scholarship -

 Student tuition reimbursement for up to $600 to employees or a child or spouse of an employee (Contact Captain D’s directly)


Carmen Cox Scholarship – April (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

 Seniors who plan to major in business or business related field – awarded solely on merit, not financial need – number and amount varies yearly (Greene County)


Carrie McGaughey Clemens DAR Scholarship – February (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

 Senior going to Tusculum; preference given to relatives of member of Nolachuckey chapter of DAR (Greene County)


 Center for Technology Advisory Council Scholarship – Spring (Contact Sandy Bible with Talent Search)

Senior student attending the Center for Technology $500


 Chartwell’s Agriculture Scholarship – February (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

For those planning an majoring in Horticulture and/or Plant Sciences.


 Coca-Cola Scholarship – October

Seniors complete an application on-line at must have lots of activities


Creamy Cup Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors must have a 3.2 GPA or Higher and minimum score of 19 on the ACT and plan to continue education within 14 months of graduating SGHS.



Debusk Elementary Booster Club Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)-May

Seniors (1 boy and 1 girl) who participated in Booster Athletics while attending Debusk School-$250.00



Dependent Children’s Scholarship – July 15

This scholarship is available to dependents of law enforcement and fire department personnel who were permanently disabled or killed in the line of duty.  You will need to provide documents proving the disability of your parent or if your parent is deceased, an obituary, etc.


 Dr. Pepper Scholarship – January 12

Details on website


 DTR Scholarship – Family member must be employee of DTR (Contact DTR)

Seniors on the dual path who plan to pursue a career in a technical field (Greene County)



 East Tennessee Engineering Association Council – January 26

Seniors who plan to major in engineering; based on school activities, GPA, course work, 250 word essay, ACT Math – 29, ACT Eng. – 25; $750 to $1,500 (4 to 6 in East TN and Southwest VA)


East Tennessee Foundation – details on website –

 Check for available scholarships under Greene County


 EdScholars – Applications submitted directly to colleges (Contact colleges)

3.25 GPA or ACT 23; Financial need, Community Service/Leadership; send to your college – available at various local colleges (ETSU, Carson Newman, etc.) 


Elks Club Nursing Scholarship – January 10

Major in nursing; based on income, activities, volunteer work, recommendations – state awards


 Elks National Foundation – January 10

Seniors – extended application based on income, activities, grades, etc. – state awards


FFA Scholarships 

See Mr. Harrison or Mrs. Brinkley


Fannye M. Jones African American Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)-April

Must be an African American and have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and planning to attend a 4 year college.-$5000.00


Fund for Greene County Scholarship – Fall (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Based on income, 2.5 GPA, activities, character, recommendations, etc. - $1,000 (Greene County)



Greene County Council of Ruritan Clubs – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

One nominee per school; based on financial need - $500 (Mosheim)


Greene County Democratic Women’s Club – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Write an essay


Greeneville Kiwanis Club Scholarship Program – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Application and interview


Greeneville Masonic Lodge #3 Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors based on income, GPA, ACT, awards, activities, community, work experience, essay - (1 Greene County)


 Greeneville-Greene County Center for Technology Scholarship – Contact Greeneville-Greene County Center for Technology

Must be a senior advanced student


 Greeneville-Greene County Retired Teachers – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors who want to become a teacher; 3.0 GPA, 21 ACT, transcript, income; $500 (1 Greene County)


 Hugh Felts Memorial Community Service Scholarship/Greeneville Noon Exchange Club – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors based on community service, GPA, citizenship, need, 1st in family to enter college, etc. -$1,000 per year up to 4 years (2 Greene County)


Kiwanis Club Greeneville Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)-March

Applications available in guidance office



Loyal Order of Moose Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

1 senior in each high school; based on income, grades, activities, community activities - $1,000


Mary Hurley Wells Memorial Scholarship/DAR – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors planning to continue their education’ based on income, GPA, ACT, awards, activities, community involvement, interviews - $1,000 (1 Greene County)


McDonald’s Scholarship – January 20

Details on website

National Honor Society Scholarship – January 29

Schools nominate 2 senior chapter members - $1,000 (250 nation wide)


Nolachuckey Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)-May

Seniors must have a 3.0 GPA or Higher and minimum score of 19 on the ACT and graduating SGHS who entered through Nolachuckey Elementary-$500.00



Optimist Club/ Donald Dean Renner Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors interested in journalism or religion - $500 (1 Greene County)





Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship Grants (ETSU) – Apply through ETSU

Grants for prospective educators – grants range from $1,000 to $5,000


Principal’s Leadership Award –

1 outstanding student leader - $1,000 (150 nation wide)


Prudential Spirit of Community Awards – October 30

1 student – must have demonstrated exemplary, self-initiated community service; each state winner receives $1,000 and a trip to Washington, D.C.


Scholar Athletic Milk Mustache of the Year Award (SAMMY) –

25 national winners; must be a senior athlete


SGHS Academic Booster Club Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors who have 3.2 GPA and minimum score of 19 on ACT.

SGHS Technical Booster Club Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Seniors who have 3.0 GPA and minimum score of 19 on ACT and pursuing education in a technical field.





Stan and Thelma Plumlee Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

The applicant must be associated with the manufactured housing industry in some way, either by living in a manufactured home, working in the industry, or by having a close relative who works in the manufactured housing industry.


Tennessee Ready Mixed Concrete Associate – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)

Essay contest on concrete


TN Scholars – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office) 

 General scholarship from each school + two from WSCC.  Must be a TN Scholar


Unmet Need Scholarship Program 

Sallie Mae Fund for low-income students


Wal-Mart Scholarships – Parent or family member must be an employee of Wal-Mart (Contact Wal-Mart directly)

Based on ACT/SAT, GPA, curriculum, financial need, extracurricular activities, and work activities; on-line form; $1,000 (1 Greene County)


Wendy’s Heisman –

For students who excel in academics, athletics and student leadership


Women of the Moose Scholarship – (Apply through SGHS Counseling Office)









Various companies have scholarship competitions for children of employees - Check with your parent’s place of employment.


Most clubs and fraternal organizations provide scholarships for dependent of their members.  Please check with your chapter.


State schools give a tuition break to children of state employees.


Most colleges/universities have a separate application for scholarships of that institution.  Please check at the financial aid office or in the guidance office.


Scholarships on the WEB: - a FREE scholarship search.  Just fill in the profile and they will e-mail you lists of scholarships for which you are qualified.  Have you gotten ads for scholarships searched?  This site does the same thing but it’s FREE!!!  All students have access to the Internet here at school. - another free service for scholarship and other financial aid info. - You can file your application and check on the results.  Before filing your application, apply for a FSA ID number for you and a parent at - Hang on to this – it is your permanent number! - The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation website. - another free site for occupational and financial aid information - the official site for the ACT organization.  You can find sample tests, study tips, etc. - a college search site 


Beware! is not the government site